Dental X-Rays

Panoramic dental X-Rays

During the routine clinical examination, it is crucial to detect all dental problems, but not everything is visible to the naked eye. A panoramic x-ray is a great diagnostic tool that helps us determine the integrity and health status of your teeth, the shape and position of the roots and in addition, we will be able to detect any signs of infection inside the bone.

We will also be able to see the neighboring anatomical structures like the maxillary sinuses, nasal cavity, mandibular nerve canal and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). This is possible because the machine is able to scan the entire mouth and capture it in one 2-D image.

dental X-Rays Sopron Hungary

When do we need a panoramic x-ray?

  • If you are visiting us for the first time, then we will most likely need a panoramic x-ray as we create your medical chart. This will allow us to capture your health status in the moment and guide the medical decisions we need to take.
  • Acute dental issues often involve infectious processes, so an x-ray will help us determine what causes the symptoms and how to deal with the problem.
  • In preparation for treatments like: dental implants, bone augmentation, orthodontic treatment, crowns, bridges, root canal treatments, fillings, dental extractions, wisdom tooth extraction, periodontal treatments, treatments on temporary teeth Almost all dental procedures are better performed after analyzing an x-ray, so we can say that it is mandatory for a correct and complete examination and treatment plan.
  • During a regular check-up, if analysis of dental issues over time is required. How often we repeat the scans depends on your particular susceptibility to oral health issues and your age.
dental X-Rays Sopron Hungary

What can a panoramic x-ray reveal?

  • shape and position of teeth and their roots
  • possible dental anomalies (in size, shape, number, position, structure, growth)
  • wisdom teeth position and possible eruption trajectory
  • temporary teeth health status and their relationship with their permanent correspondent teeth
  • tooth decay under the gum line, between teeth or underneath existing fillings
  • periodontal disease
  • bone loss
  • signs of pulpal disease inside the pulpal chamber or root canals
  • signs of disease inside the bone (like cysts, tumor and infection)
  • a view of the maxillary sinuses and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint).
dental X-Rays Sopron Hungary

How to prepare for a panoramic x-ray?

If there is a possibility that you are pregnant, then you should avoid all radiation exposure! Please inform us before any x-rays are taken, even if you are not sure!

The procedure is fairly simple and requires little to no special preparation, but there are a few important things you need to know beforehand:

  • You will be asked to remove any metal objects that may interfere with the scan: eye glasses, removable dentures and jewelry.
  • Our assistant will help you put on a lead apron that protects your body against exposure. She will help you position your hands and head in the center unit.
  • During the procedure, you have to sit still, in order to get a clear image, so be sure not to move until our assistant tells you that the procedure is over. She will press a button to snap the x-ray from outside the room.
  • One arm of the machine will rotate around your head for about 10-20 seconds and capture the image. The procedure is completely painless and there is usually no discomfort.
  • The digital x-ray will appear on our computer screen and it will be added to your medical chart as an electronic file. The image is adjustable for better visualization.
  • No radiation remains in the body after the procedure. Because the exposed levels are extremely low, it is considered safe for both children and adults. Pregnancy is the exception to this rule!

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