Dental fillings

Direct esthetic restaurations (dental fillings)

A dental filling is used to repair a tooth that is affected by caries, fractures, cracks etc. The damaged part of the tooth will be removed and the remaining space will be filled with a tooth-colored filling material.

In our clinic we use only premium quality aesthetic materials because they allow a minimal preparation with preservation of dental tissues, always meet aesthetic requirements, especially for front teeth and at the same time their increased durability and color stability will keep our patients’ smile unaffected for a long time.

When is a dental filling necessary?

  • When a tooth is affected by caries;
  • Chopped, cracked or fractured teeth;
  • Closing the space between the teeth;
  • Grinded teeth.

Here are the main steps of the procedure:

A dental filling is usually placed in a single session.

  • The decayed tooth is “numbed” with local anaesthesia.
  • The dentist removes all affected tissue, using handpieces as needed.
  • The remaining space will then be cleaned and prepared before being filled. If the caries was close to the tooth pulp, a material containing medicine is applied on the area to protect it.
  • The composite filling material is applied, shaped with precision and finally well polished, restoring the original shape and function of the tooth.

After the procedure:

Having some sensitivity to heat and cold is perfectly normal after getting a filling, especially if a larger part of the tooth was restored. Sometimes the gum surrounding the tooth can be a little sensitive for a few hours after the procedure, but these phenomena diminish quickly as you get used to the new filling.

Our doctors will give you the necessary care advice at the end of the treatment, but generally, a good oral hygiene, healthy eating habits and regular dental check-ups will help you keep the new restorations for longer.

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