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Dr. Molnar Lehel Ferenc

Dr. Molnár Lehel Ferenc

Oral surgeon

Specialist in dento-alveolar surgery

After many years of experience, I learned that the most important aspect of my work is to build a good relationship based trust and communication with my patients. This can only be achieved with proper knowledge of medicine and surgery protocols, when working with meticulous precision in a quiet and familial environment, under maximum hygiene conditions, using high performance materials and instruments, but also with the help of a highly trained team of professionals.

As a specialist in Dentoalveolar Surgery, my main interests are:

  • Advanced implantology and a wide spectrum of bone augmentation procedures
  • Morpho-functional rehabilitation of complex cases
  • Wide range of outpatient oral surgeries
  • Implant-based prosthetics:
    • The latest technology in Screw-retained (or Cement-retained) prosthetic solutions
    • Zircon-ceramic (metal-free) crowns and bridges
    • Full-ceramic crown
    • All-on-4 systems
    • Overdentures

My daily work is motivated by seeing my patients smiling and satisfied, by always getting positive feedback from them and by earning their trust and respect. For this I am sincerely grateful.

Dr. Rus Alexandra @ Molnar Dental klinik Sopron Ungarn

Dr. Rus Alexandra


I believe having a beautiful, healthy smile is one of the most important aspects of our well-being. It is the first thing we see when we meet someone and most of the time, it may even define or alter our perspective on them. Not everyone is blessed by nature with perfect structure or symmetry, however. This is where my passion comes into play. What I like to focus on in my work, is finding esthetic solutions in these cases. Everything starts with a thorough analysis and planning, in order to be able to adapt to each situation encountered.

I can say that I am primarily a strong believer in conservative therapy and minimally invasive approaches, but what I greatly enjoy is performing endodontic treatments. I feel that maintaining a good communication with the patient and my team throughout all the phases of the treatment process is critical in obtaining the desired results. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my patients happy, healthy and having their confidence restored!

Dr. Molnar Szabolcs

Dr. Molnár Szabolcs Mihály


For me, being in a peaceful environment, surrounded by professionals, makes work feel more like play, and all that positive energy can be channeled into doing my job in a way that both the patient and the team have a pleasant and rewarding experience.

What I like to focus on in my practice is full-mouth or full-arch rehabilitation; cases where function has to be restored, where patients struggle with tooth loss and the complications that follow.

The correct position and kinetics of the entire masticatory system can be reshaped and brought closer to the initial state of health, with careful planning and precise execution.

With the help of prosthetics and implantology, both the physical aspect and the quality of life can be substantially improved, this is why these, alongside endodontic treatments, are my favorite tools.

Barbara Bokkon @ Molnar Dental klinik in Sopron Ungarn

Barbara B.

Front Desk Manager

I acquired my dentistry knowledge alongside Dr. Molnár Lehel, working as his assistant from 2018. I worked as a dental assistant for several years and I later applied for (and graduated from) the dental hygienist training as well. I guess I have always liked being around patients and helping them with everyday questions on oral hygiene and healthy habits.

Because I believe in constant professional development, I gradually began learning the secrets of Management in the Dental Practice. So, patients meet me now at the front desk, keeping everything in order and always happy to answer their questions and guide them in their experience at Molnar Dental.

Rita Lipovics @ Molnar Dental clinic in Sopron Hungary

Rita L.



I passionately believe that each smile and positive interaction can enhance our quality of life. I wholeheartedly embrace personal growth and am consistently prepared for self-renewal.

Being outgoing, I find great pleasure in supporting our patients throughout their treatments. Drawing from years of experience in customer service and dentistry across Germany and Hungary, I take joy in knowing I have already helped many people.

The journey has taught me valuable lessons, and I am committed to continuing this dedicated assistance as our patients progress towards health and recovery.

Anett Jakab @ Molnar Dental klinik in Sopron Ungarn

Anett J.

Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist

In 2017 I graduated the Dental Assistant school, but I wanted to expand my professional knowledge, so in 2019 I completed the Dental Hygienist Training in Sopron.

What matters to me is that our patients feel they are treated with special care and professionalism each time they visit us. I like assisting in all types of procedures, from conservative dentistry and prosthetics to complex surgery interventions.

As a dental hygienist, my goal is to eliminate anxiety related to dental treatments and help my patients feel comfortable during their regular teeth cleaning. I always remind them how to keep a good oral hygiene and I love seeing them smiling and satisfied with my work.

Flóra Kovács @ Molnar Dental klinik in Sopron Ungarn

Flóra K.

Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist

In 2018 I graduated as a Dental Assistant and in 2021 I completed the Dental Hygienist training in Sopron.

I like to be invested in my work with the greatest attention and precision, that is why I am mainly interested in surgery and complex procedures.

I love assisting in interventions like bone augmentation and dental implants and I always focus on giving our patients the best possible experience in a vulnerable situation.

When I started out as a Dental Hygienist, I discovered that I can help my patients overcome their fear through empathy and attention to their needs.

Alexandra Bizzer @ Molnar Dental klinik in Sopron Ungarn

Alexandra B.

Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist

I worked as a dental hygienist and assistant since 2014. I really enjoy working with people. I decided that I want to be in healthcare since childhood and I feel like I have found my calling in dentistry.

What I enjoy most is assisting in oral surgery and prosthetic treatments, but I also like performing professional teeth cleanings. It is a pleasure be part of this team and to learn new things every day, so that I can offer the best of my knowledge to our patients.  

Martina Salfer @ Molnar Dental klinik in Sopron Ungarn

Martina S.

Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist

I finished my studies as a dental assistant in 2017 and after that I wanted to know more, so I completed the Dental Hygienist Training in 2018 as well.  

For me, the most important thing is our patients’ trust, so my goal is to make them feel that they are always in good hands. I am an outgoing and friendly person and I always have a smile to offer. This, I noticed often helps our patients to overcome their anxiety. I am mostly interested in the prosthetics and orthodontics, because this part of our job allows us to see directly how the patient’s esthetic wishes come true.

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