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Esthetic dentistry

Smile enhancement can have a major impact on your overall appearance and at the same time increase your self-confidence!

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Dental implantology

At our clinic you can opt for dental implants: the easiest and most comfortable solution for restoring your smile!

Parodontologie Ikon

Painless dentistry

If needed, you may choose to be under analgosedation during the medical intervention (also called ”sleep dentistry”) in order to eliminate pain and anxiety about the procedures.

Minimally invasive dentistry

Preservation of healthy tooth structure when choosing a treatment solution is a key aspect of modern dentistry.

The use of long-lasting materials and a delicate technique, ensures tissue conservation, be it for a simple tooth sealing or an exquisite minimally invasive veneer.


You will easily find us in the historical center of Sopron, where we like to work in a peaceful environment and a cosy atmosphere.

Because everyone’s time is just as important, we organize our schedule in such a way, that delays and overcrowding happen only in exceptional situations.

Molnar Dental Team

Get to know us

Dr. Molnar Lehel Ferenc

Dr. Molnár Lehel Ferenc

Oral surgeon

Dr. Rus Alexandra @ Molnar Dental klinik Sopron Ungarn

Dr. Alexandra Cristina Rus


Dr. Molnar Szabolcs

Dr. Molnár Szabolcs Mihály



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